The Media Agenda

Don't let the media influence you.

The media's purpose is to get viewers watching, it isn't to educate you.

This means if you see a clickbait headline like 'X is now good for you?' or 'Cutting out X increases lifespan by X' it is often a new study they cite as reliable science. But it isn't always as it seems.

It is often either a new study that has had its data cherry picked for a good headline (overall findings may not support the headline entirely); a study that could be biased (ie funded or conducted by an authority that has skin in the game - dairy/meat/vegan backing etc.); a study that can be used as something controversial. For example if it had long been believed that butter was bad for us, then a study saying butter has some benefits will attract media attention as it can be divisive and confusing.

This isn't me saying that every new study they talk about is BS, I'm just saying their reasons for giving it air time isn't based on its validity.

And they do this with everything, not just nutrition. They want your clicks.

If you want to educate yourself, it starts with questioning.

Always ask what the motives are behind something before you accept the findings and then do your own research. If you dig enough the truth will become clear eventually.

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