Mike, a nutritional therapist, sat in a chair at a table ready for a consultation

This isn’t just a diet plan. This is an in-depth look at your health.


Whether you're suffering with migraines, PMS, low energy, low mood, lack of weight loss, bloating etc there may be an underlying reason for it that your doctor may not have told you about. 


That is what nutritional therapy is all about. Understanding why your body is doing something, and using scientific backed recommendations to correct it where necessary.


Working together, we'll work to understand the inner workings of your body, empowering you to make educated decisions around food and lifestyle.


+ 3 weekly catch up calls

Let's talk through your health, your goals and work together to understand your body. Come away with a full assessment and nutritional plan specific to you.



+ 2 bi-weekly catch up calls

Let's catch up on how it's all going.


We'll discuss where you're at with your goals and how you can best push forward. We'll reassess your plan and update it in line with your new situation.


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