Mike is a very professional and highly capable personal trainer.


He has recently helped me rehabilitate a bad shoulder and I'm now on the path back towards my training goals thanks to him.


Couldn't recommend enough, you're in safe hands with Mike!



A rare gem in the world of PTs and gyms!


Mike is extremely knowledgeable and approachable, he's completed the mission impossible of making hard work fun and enjoyable with constantly evolving, and efficient sessions.


The cherry on top is definitely his amazing nutritional knowledge.

APRIL 2020


It’s been a really rewarding experience for me too.


My mental health especially has never been better. Having a plan and goals while the world has collapsed has kept me on an even keel.


Whatever happens moving forward, MiLife has made a huge difference to my ability to cope. 

JULY 2020


Since taking nutritional advice and fitness training from Mike my attitudes towards food, exercise and health have improved dramatically.


Knowing how food and exercise can hugely effect both my moods and energy levels has made such a difference.


Following his advice, completely tailored to me, I feel healthier, fitter and stronger in both mind and body.